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Basic Blue Theology Information

Become a Blue Theologian! 


⇒Bring your youth group, intergenerational group or adult group to the beautiful Monterey Bay and learn to be Blue Theologians (Caretakers of God's great creation)

⇒There are 6 weeks in the summer of 2025 when we will host groups, beginning in late June through early August. Each week begins on a Saturday and ends on Thursday. Your destination: Christian Church of Pacific Grove.

⇒You can bring up to 25 people (including chaperones-our suggestion is one adult for every 5 youth).

⇒Your group can be primarily middle school students, or high school students. Or you could bring a group of mixed ages allowing kids, parents and grandparents to learn together. Or, a group of all adults is welcome as well! 

⇒We'll provide a dorm room with beds and air mattresses, a kitchen to prepare your food, an incredible curriculum to help you learn about ocean life and how to care for God's family in the sea, opportunities to meditate on the ocean's edge, clean beaches, count crabs, explore tidal pools, kayak with otters, hang out in a world renowned aquarium, become poets and advocates and SO MUCH MORE!

This is a life changing experience for your faith community. We will provide details on the 2025 program later this year, and the process to enroll your group.